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A very rich man lived in a big house or childless woman. Except it was a very pretty and sexy home and qu'obéissante.

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One day, he could not resist the beauty of his maid, so he asked to join him in his room when she has finished her chores. The time has come, so she entered the room of his boss and seeing the enthusiasm of installing a camera and lit it, she wondered what he meant by installing all her stuff. Then he approached her with a strange air, removing slowly her clothes. Once in front of her, he completely undressed. She was also surprised and remain silent due to the behavior of his employer. In fact, the gentleman wanted to make a homemade tube with his beautiful maid. Without further ado, he lay on the bed, kissing the top of his body to his feet. He spread later, his legs and put his hands in her pussy was already wet. She was very afraid to upset him, so she only obeyed and let go to make her happy.

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Already erect, the man ordered him to make him a good handjob and suddenly began to penetrate deep into her vagina. The position is a missionary, her legs supported her weight since he was a little heavy. She screamed with pleasure while watching what he's done. After a few minutes of action, when they were at the point of enjoying it slowly withdrew his dick. He, thereafter, asked the girl to rub his cock with her hands. He finally ejaculated and put all his semen on the legs of women.

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