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Hot Footjobs with 2 milfs

Two milfs come together in an apartment not far from the city to spend quality time together. It begins with a glass and then continues in the lounge with super hot sex. Well made with nice shape and well developed feet, they already knew what they wanted each other.

Feet and preliminary

The two women start to get hot one and the other touching tits and is sucking each other nipples and rub against your feet each other. She starts to get excited. Then the first starts kissing thighs and descends gently to the leg licking languidly. It continues until arriving at the toes. Pretty toes varnish well and very sweet. She sucks a park a beginning with the big toe, then finished sucking all 5. After it again with the other foot. They all have two cats in heat and dripping with excitement.

The real footjob

Hot dot, the two women go to the real footjobs and start with masturbating pussies with one foot on the other. They give each other pleasure, unbridled and they continue to push their feet deep in their pussies. After, one sits above the foot of the other old and likes to ride it up eagerly. She is about to reach orgasm. Then the other turns and asks her friend to fuck with his foot. It is with pleasure that the deeply buggered. They scream and groan together while the other is moving back and forth with his foot in the ass. They end with a good licking feet.

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