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See Lola Fae take hard and in charge !

Lola Fae is a pretty porn star who joined the company in 2017, at the age of 21. Her hair is covered with a short cap that has an unnatural red hue. It is a small spinner that measures 4'11" high and weighs 85 pounds. She has the tiniest breasts of 28A, a size of 22 inches and an ass of 28 inches.

From Ivy to Lola

Before pornography, Lola was a cam star, Ivy Paige. She changed her name because porn was a new phase in life and she wanted a new beginning. When Lola watches porn, she likes to be perverse, that's why her favorite genre is BDSM porn. She wants to be tied up and gangbanged. Just like the pornstar idols she sees online. Totally bisexual, Lola would have no problem making a scene with a few chicks. She loves licking her pussy and sucking cock the same way. With the guys, she's a submarine who likes to be pushed around because she feels it's natural to change roles for men.

Discover Lola fae

It is true that lola fae is not exactly a queen of size, but she mentioned online that she prefers a cock at least 7 inches long. She's done crazy things in her personal life that show how qualified she is to be a porn star. For example, she had a trio of DPs with friends, in which one of her friends was the recipient and Lola wore a vest on her belt to facilitate penetration. She loved it so much she now wants to get fucked up, but she has to train her asshole first.

Lola Fae is an excited teenager with red hair who caresses her pussy a little bit and then her huge cock comes in and he fucks her well and hard. She lets him go inside her asshole that punches deep with her huge dick and drops it when he's done

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